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As a taco/restaurant lover, I’m always willing to travel to try out a new place.  But the problem is that restaurants are more fun with people.  That’s why it’s helpful to have an app like Skout that makes it easier to meet new people, that have the same interests as me.

Skout is a location-based social network available on iOS and Android devices as well as a dedicated website. The focus of the application and accompanying website is to meet new people, anywhere in the world. The application uses a smartphones GPS to to find other uses in the general vicinity, but doesn’t give users exact locations. Users can meet new people in their local area, or virtually travel to other locations. The application promotes serendipitous meetings and chats using simple technology. The aim of the application is to meet new people, leading to strong relationships that are either purely platonic or something more.

The Early Stages
Created in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, Skout started off as a simple social network. At that time, Skout was merely a social networking website where people could connect. It wasn’t until the 2009 relaunch that the website focused more on making romantic connections. This was due to the founders’ realization that 83% of the website’s then 200,000 members were using the network for dating. Along with a revamped website, the iOS application launched with much success. The Android application was launched the following year.

Gaining Momentum
In the following years, Skout gained users. It was one of the iPhone’s first location-based dating services, so the brand and service expanded. Surveys within the Skout application concluded that majority of the users had success in meeting others in the real world through the application. The popularity of Skout made mobile dating services more common and widely accepted. With the launch of Skout OUT, the network allowed people to create connections offline. The interactive touch screen was installed in various venues and allowed users to flirt, dedicate songs, and send messages to others in the venue or nearby venues.

Strong Funding
By 2010, numerous applications launched to follow the success of Skout. Competitors muddled the social networking market, but never compared to how easy Skout is to access and download. At this point, Skout had a staff count of three, including the original founders. It had acquired 4.6 million in funding since its advent, with profit and losses dipping back and forth. The mobile application had seen tens of millions of downloads, despite the competition. By 2012, Skout had a larger staff count and received massive funding. The company raised $22 million in venture capital from Andreessen Horowitz. This funding has allowed the network to expand. The company was able to further develop the mobile application and network into what it is today.

Skout expanded tremendously since their massive venture capital funding. In fact, the number of active users tripled and the number of connections made by users quadrupled just a year after this funding. Skout began adding new features that proved to be beneficial in terms of profit. They included a paid feature that allows users to connect with others all over the world. Furthermore, the application includes ways for users to send virtual gifts using real currency. Additionally, community features have allowed users to monitor the application themselves. This strengthened the community within the application and created a stronger relationship with users, and also led to creating additional apps like Fuse.

Today, Skout is continuing to thrive and grow. The mobile application and website is continually adapting, becoming more user friendly and fun to use. The mobile application is still among the top 25 social networking applications in the Apple store and continues to see new users and growth.

Fabletics is a subscription clothing retailer that sends women items they will love to wear. The company was founded by Kate Hudson as she searched for something that would make her feel comfortable when she left the house with her children every morning. She is known as a style icon in her own right, and this article explains how her company came to be the center of the subscription fashion world. Women who have little time on their hands may now subscribe for their best clothes.

#1: How Does A Clothing Subscription Work?

A clothing subscription involves a woman, her style and her measurements. Women offer their measurements to the site, and they receive clothing that is selected for them by the style experts at Fabletics. Fabletics is a wonderful company that serves women with clothes that make them feel as though they are dressed perfectly. A woman who enjoys the surprise of ordering through a subscription service will quite enjoy the clothes she sees. She will find something special in every package she receives, and she will find new dimension added to her wardrobe on every order.

#2: Fabletics Is Comfortable Chic

The company is a comfortable chic firm that wants to help women get on the town as quickly as possible. Ladies who are seeking out fine clothes will see their dreams come true in the Fabletics line, and they will enjoy seeing workout clothes that double as outfits for the city. They may wear tights every day if they feel most comfortable, and everything else offered by Fabletics fits into their closet with no problem. Creating outfits is simple, and creating color palettes is exciting.

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#3: Comfortable Chic Has Several Accessories

My Subscription Addiction and several other websites are in love with the accessories offered for the brand. Fabletics allows women to wear a myriad of accessories with their simple clothing, and every ensemble provides women with more opportunities to look casual and fun. The fun woman is wearing a hat, casual shoes and perhaps a jacket with her Fabletics clothing. She may make her way to any location in town using her Fabletics clothes, and her style becomes a part of her life as anyone she sees recognizes her.

#4: Including Everyone

Including every woman in the world is a mission for Kate Hudson as she runs Fabletics. She sees the company as a fashion brand for women who wish to look good even with no time to put in the work required. Fashion is hard work for the average woman, but she may find everything she needs at Fabletics. They have the sizes needed to make a woman look lovely, and they have the styles that will suit every woman’s taste.

Passion for clothing and accessories is quite important when a woman leaves the house every day to face the world. She must ensure her clothing come through her subscription at Fabletics, and she will find something new that is exciting to wear to work or play.

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If you’re an online marketer or you have a business that partakes in online business, I bet you know about White Shark Media. It was a recipient of the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. This is because it is an excellent and astute marketing agency. It was founded with the objective of conquering the marketing world by two great Danish Entrepreneurs in 2011. They had the passion for marketing as they had done marketing as a profession and a career. They had been successful in their craft and this success they passed it to White Shark Media. Microsoft noticed their excellence and entered into a partnership with them. This partnership yielded the selective Bing Ads Authorized reseller campaign.

Success doesn’t come overnight, and that is why White Shark Media always strives for the best. They have managed to maintain its original customers base from the time it started to operate. Not only have they managed to keep them but also, they have managed to branch out into three countries in a period of five years. With new offices comes new needs that need to be met and that is why they have increased their employee base to one hundred and fifty so as to be to attend to their many great clients in the three different countries. White Shark Media employs many unmatched and unrivaled techniques so as to attend to their customers entirely.

Its target market is medium and small-sized businesses. If you fall into that category and you need an agency that can do for you competitive intelligence or Google Analytics Integration, don’t hesitate to employ White Shark Media to do the job for you. Not only do they assist you in Google Analytics Integration but they can also help you in getting a proprietary software and also in keyword-level call tracking.

White Shark Media utilizes cost effective techniques that meet its clients demands. It services and products and tailored as per the clients’ requirements. If you need something unique to you, White Shark Media will tailor its products and services to suit you. This is one of the features that has enabled White Shark Media to remain the best agency and always ahead of its competition. White Shark Media leads the pack while the rest follow. The solutions to online and offline marketing that it offers can’t be matched or rivaled.

Nathaniel Ru is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of SweetGreen. This is an American fast casual food restaurant that works to serve simple, seasonal, and healthy foods to its customers. The restaurant chain was incepted in August 2007 by Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicholas Jammet. They did this after graduating from Georgetown University. The company has grown from a small local food court to a 64 store operation restaurants in the United States. The founding of the fast casual food restaurant was focused on the need to provide sustainability, quality, and local sourcing.


Sweetgreen’s first location was in Georgetown. It has now expanded to more than 27 locations in over five states. The original idea was born out of the need to provide the local community with fresh, delicious, and healthy food. Nathaniel Ru and his friends noticed a difficulty in finding healthy places that would be fun and easy to eat from through their senior year at Georgetown University. They started implementing their idea by renting a 560 square room in Georgetown.


Nathaniel called the landlady of the tavern and explained what they wanted to do. She did not respond positively and rather hung up the phone. They continued calling her each day for a month before she agreed to meet them. They presented the idea in a three-page business plan. The landlady saw potential in the three and told them to find an architect, a real business plan, and some people to support the business. They found an architect and some supporters within three weeks. Ther landlady agreed to help them despite the fact that they did not have experience in restaurants.


Sweetgreen has continued to serve fresh and healthy farm-to-table food. It sources its ingredients from local suppliers. Sweetgreen markets itself as a social and great place to hang out as you enjoy your food. Nathaniel and his friends came up with five values that would help them in decision making. The first value was the “win, win, win,” where they would make sure that any decision made should not only be a victory for one but a victory for all stakeholders from customers, community, and the organization itself.

Sweetgreen realized a connection between food and music in its marketing strategy. The company started a music and food festival that now attracts over 20,000 people each year. The festival also promotes local farmers through its marketing potential.



Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who has her priorities straight. This is evident because she is very successful as a person. When it comes to her field, she understands that it is important to not just make sure that the person is taken care of, but also satisfied with what she is doing. One thing that she made it a point to do is find some career field that she is most interested in. She also made sure that she is pursuing something that she is passionate about. This grants her the best job security and the most successful career possible.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only a cosmetic surgeon, but she is one of the most trustworthy and innovative surgeons in her field. She not only makes sure that she provides the procedure in the best possible way, but also comes up with new ways to bring about better results with the surgery. One thing that is certain is that people are less likely to have side effects with the procedure as presented by Dr. Walden. She has come up with a lot of new methods to the procedure and she has even been invited to write textbooks and provide insights on radio shows.


One thing that is even more important to her than her career is her family. She takes pride in being the best parent that she can be. For this reason, she has decided to move back to her home town in Austin, TX so that she can open up an office in this area. Since she has proven herself as one of the top surgeons in the industry, she was able to gain the clientele needed so that she can provide a lot of people with the procedures that are needed so that people can take care of their perceived flaws.

You could call Marcus Rothkranz a nutrition and fitness guru. He would say that he is just someone who has learned what to eat to keep himself healthy, and that he wants to share that knowledge with all of us.

Rothkranz has made a number of YouTube videos. In one video, focusing on nutrition, he explains his philosophy on how to fuel the body. He states that as long as you eat the correct foods, you can eat less and still have increased energy. This is because your body processes raw and natural foods more efficiently.

So what should we eat? We should eat nutritionally dense foods and Rothkranz states that we should eat those foods exactly the way they are found in nature. There is no need to boil, fry, or bake those foods. He eats one main meal per day and that meal consists of greens, nuts, and seeds in a huge salad. He eats the salad late in the afternoon. The remainder of his daily nutrition comes from snacking on fruits or nuts and he enjoys a green and fruit smoothie in the morning. He has created a number of protein powders and uses these to supplement his diet.

Marcus Rothkranz is quick to point out that his system may not be for everyone but he uses himself as the example of health and wellness. There is scientific evidence that this type of diet works. Eating less than three meals per day may be a totally foreign idea for you but letting your body work the way it was designed really makes perfect sense. It seems like it might be worth a try.

Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur with a vast experience in founding, managing, and selling businesses. He is the current Chief Executive of


Key Factors

  1. Be a Leader and Not a Boss

In management, there are two distinct types of positions. The bosses and the heads. They have very many ways in which they differ. A boss demands respect. Josh Verne also uses his position and title to make things done in a mechanical way. He uses his title to have his set goals accomplished. A leader earns respect through putting his people’s goals over his personal accomplishments. He uses his deserved respect to influence the team to work towards achieving their primary aim. Whenever you want to gain a tremendous amount of success in business and life, you should choose to be a leader. Never demand respect by forcing your will of action into your team. Put your people ahead of your aspirations and let them pick a course of action. Your team can achieve anything set before them if their leader is willing to sever them.


  1. Listen More, Speak Less

This is a simple point. A normal human being has two ears and one mouth. For this reason, they are meant to use their ears two times more than their lips. They should listen twice before speaking once. Whenever you start speaking less and listening more, your words will have more power and authority. You will have much to say when you hear more.


  1. Strive to Attain a Win-Win

You should refrain from agreeing to a double ended plan of action. This plans may either result in a win or a loss. If you lose, the risk cannot be mitigated. A win-win situation is the best action for anyone geared towards success in leadership. A win for your tea, a win for your clients, and a win for you creates a win for the society as a whole. There is always a way to earn a win for your course no matter how bleak the situation can look. Whenever you stop settling for losing solutions, you will find a better way to achieve success through collaboration. Your team and business will sky-rocket if you choose a better course of action. Whenever you face an unexpected problem, the best way to handle it is to analyze its effects and ways of mitigating it. You are a winner by the fact that you exist.

2016 has been a good year for Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, and everyone that is associated with them. They made news this year for winning two awards and now they are making even more positive news for making upgrades to their video chat . Things just keep looking up for Talk Fusion and many people are saying that 2016 is going to be the best year yet for the company. However, this is the type of company that is only going to get bigger and better as time goes on because they have the right mentality and the right people working there. Every year is going to better as there are things here and there they like to tweak with and improve.


Here is the cold, hard facts, though: Talk Fusion is already terrific and it is like a fine wine in that the older it gets, the better it will be, which is saying something considering all they have done so far. They really wanted to make the video chat look and feel better. A lot of people rely on it to track their business and see how it is growing and see what the employees are doing in terms of progress. They want to use Talk Fusion to the fullest.


Everybody wants their business to grow. A lot of people have quit their day jobs because of Talk Fusion and they have put a lot of faith and trust in the company. It has made their lives better than they ever could have imagined. They offer video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. These are all useful tools for someone that wants to start their own business from home and really make it as successful as possible. If someone is running a company, video emails are really helpful in that they allow people to send out mass emails to people that are interested in their business.


It is important to keep them updated and by allowing them to see the face of the person, they can really get a sense of what they are about and how much this truly means to them.

Are you looking for a lawyer to advise or guide you during a complex business dispute? Need a competent lawyer in Brazil? Perhaps you have read a lot about Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and his team of highly knowledgeable and experienced legal practitioners.

If you are dealing with legal matters in Brazil, find a good lawyer to help protect your rights and provide effective representation. Keep in mind, not all lawyers are created equal. You need to do your home work and find someone who is experienced and has a good record with the monitoring agency.

Although there are many lawyers and law firms in Brazil that handle business and commercial law issues, not all of these legal practitioners have the resources or experience to provide advice or guidance in the area of law you are interested in. Find a lawyer or law firm that deals with business litigation and one that suits your needs.

Reputation matters a lot when it comes to choosing someone to handle a business matter for you. If you can afford to retain the services of one of the most reputable and experienced business litigation lawyers in Brazil, you should think of doing so.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes highly recommended in the legal community. Mr. Ricardo Tosto is among the most reputable and successful practicing Brazilian lawyers. Ricardo Tosto is highly knowledgeable and has a thorough understanding of business and corporate law. He has a courtroom style and negotiation skills that separates him from the rest. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has been recognized for his excellent work and nominated for several awards.

Ricardo Tosto has practiced business law for over 22 years, and specializes in civil and commercial litigation, banking, corporate restructuring, credit recovery, M&A, electoral law and international law. His clients include some of the most popular companies and corporations in Brazil. He also provides legal services and representation for entrepreneurs, politicians, the government sector and high-profile individuals. Ricardo Tosto will protect your best interests, and ensure that you obtain the best outcome in your case.

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Investment banking is a field of finance that consists of helping businesses find ways to raise capital. In most investment banking deals, two companies will come together to form one new company. This is known as mergers and acquisitions, which is the most common activity that takes place in the industry. As well as providing mergers and acquisitions, investment banking also entails managing capital for clients and also researching markets. As a result, investment banking is a field that uses a number of methods to help various companies get the most out of their capital.

With investment banking, companies will have an opportunity to issue new stock, provide more products, offer more services and expand. In a typical scenario, a company will want to make its stock more valuable. In order to do this , they will often look to partner up with another company that offers other products and services that they can benefit from. As a result, the company will contact an investment banking firm to finalize the deal. An investment banking firm will research the industry, put together a proposal and submit it to the companies. If the proposal is accepted then, the deal will be completed and a new stock will be issued.

While most investment banking activities are done with larger corporations, some smaller firms offer similar services. There is one firm in Florida that is run by Martin Lustgarten. For a number of years, he has been running a boutique investment banking firm that helps businesses get the capital they need in order to reach their goals. Lustgarten offers a number of options such as financing assistance and also small mergers. As a result, companies that are looking to expand and offer more products and services will benefit by working with Martin Lustgarten.

Martin is also experienced in providing assistance to individuals. He often helps offer investment options as well as advice to clients. With this assistance, clients will be in better position to reach their financial goals thanks to Martin Lustgarten. By providing comprehensive services to both businesses and individuals, Martin Lustgarten has established himself as one of the more successful investment bankers in the business community.

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Investment banking is a component of banking that deals with raising funds for private entities, governments, or any other prominent organization. Most investments banks are private companies and unlike commercial banks; they do not take deposits. Additionally, they aid in mergers and acquisitions of companies and offers advice to their clients on when and where to invest. Investment banks also work in collaboration with big banks to raise the necessary funds successfully.

A career in investment banking requires more than academic qualification; it needs passion, patience, and excellent research skills. Martin Lustgarten is among the most successful investment bankers of the 21st century. The most reliable and convenient investment banks keep up with the new and trending business ideas to advice their clients promptly.


Martin Lustgarten and investment banking

Martin Lustgarten is an entrepreneur who lives in Florida. He was born on July 9, 1959. He is an investment banker and the chief executive officer of Lustgarten, Martin, an investment firm situated in Florida, Miami. Lustgarten has dual citizenship and uses this to source clients from both Australia and Venezuela. This company has set a record as one of the best investment firms in the United States. Over the years, the Lustgarten, Martin firm has received awards as an acknowledgment of merit mainly due to the incredible leadership by its CEO.

Lustgarten has been offering outstanding services in the investment banking business for a while, and this has enabled him to acquire sufficient experience in the business world. Due to his immense experience, Lustgarten, Martin investment firm has been at the forefront in delivering quality services, thereby, acquiring many clients in the U.S. Lustgarten is known to be great by offering customer service, and he has extended this to his employees who in turn, have improved their skills in customer relations. Lustgarten’s clients include corporations, big companies, business owners, financial sponsors, beginning investors, and financial management firms. He is versed in dealing with the most complex transactions to assist his clients to grow their businesses. Martin Lustgarten is well respected in the investment business due to the top-notch services he renders to his clients and the results that are achieved.

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