Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

As a taco/restaurant lover, I’m always willing to travel to try out a new place.  But the problem is that restaurants are more fun with people.  That’s why it’s helpful to have an app like Skout that makes it easier to meet new people, that have the same interests as me.

Skout is a location-based social network available on iOS and Android devices as well as a dedicated website. The focus of the application and accompanying website is to meet new people, anywhere in the world. The application uses a smartphones GPS to to find other uses in the general vicinity, but doesn’t give users exact locations. Users can meet new people in their local area, or virtually travel to other locations. The application promotes serendipitous meetings and chats using simple technology. The aim of the application is to meet new people, leading to strong relationships that are either purely platonic or something more.

The Early Stages
Created in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, Skout started off as a simple social network. At that time, Skout was merely a social networking website where people could connect. It wasn’t until the 2009 relaunch that the website focused more on making romantic connections. This was due to the founders’ realization that 83% of the website’s then 200,000 members were using the network for dating. Along with a revamped website, the iOS application launched with much success. The Android application was launched the following year.

Gaining Momentum
In the following years, Skout gained users. It was one of the iPhone’s first location-based dating services, so the brand and service expanded. Surveys within the Skout application concluded that majority of the users had success in meeting others in the real world through the application. The popularity of Skout made mobile dating services more common and widely accepted. With the launch of Skout OUT, the network allowed people to create connections offline. The interactive touch screen was installed in various venues and allowed users to flirt, dedicate songs, and send messages to others in the venue or nearby venues.

Strong Funding
By 2010, numerous applications launched to follow the success of Skout. Competitors muddled the social networking market, but never compared to how easy Skout is to access and download. At this point, Skout had a staff count of three, including the original founders. It had acquired 4.6 million in funding since its advent, with profit and losses dipping back and forth. The mobile application had seen tens of millions of downloads, despite the competition. By 2012, Skout had a larger staff count and received massive funding. The company raised $22 million in venture capital from Andreessen Horowitz. This funding has allowed the network to expand. The company was able to further develop the mobile application and network into what it is today.

Skout expanded tremendously since their massive venture capital funding. In fact, the number of active users tripled and the number of connections made by users quadrupled just a year after this funding. Skout began adding new features that proved to be beneficial in terms of profit. They included a paid feature that allows users to connect with others all over the world. Furthermore, the application includes ways for users to send virtual gifts using real currency. Additionally, community features have allowed users to monitor the application themselves. This strengthened the community within the application and created a stronger relationship with users, and also led to creating additional apps like Fuse.

Today, Skout is continuing to thrive and grow. The mobile application and website is continually adapting, becoming more user friendly and fun to use. The mobile application is still among the top 25 social networking applications in the Apple store and continues to see new users and growth.

The year 2017 is just beginning, so it’s important to mention that 2016 was a very successful year for Magnises because it brought in a whole lot of new members. Hopefully, 2017 will see even more members joining. Many people are learning more about Magnises, especially if they live in New York City, but with Magnises being available in other cities as well, it’s all starting to catch on. Some may have heard about the Magnises membership, others may have only heard snippets about the benefits and may want to know some more information.

Well, here’s some of the best information about Magnises. If you’re one who lives to have a membership to any type of fun, then a Magnises membership is for you. Your membership will give you fun trips to restaurants, stores, bars, events, movies and more. You may be wondering to yourself how can you possibly have fun at the movies, well, what about if you went to a movie premiere, instead of going to a standard movie? Wouldn’t you like to meet the stars of the movie and get to ask questions? shows some visual delights for you.

Even going to concerts has its perks when you’re a Magnises member because there are may also be special meet and greets with private concerts. Many love Magnises because of everything that the membership offers, especially when it comes to partying. Magnises is known for being such a party lifestyle that they’ve even added a lifestyle perk called a ClubPass to their membership, which can be purchased by anyone who wants to frequent any nightclub.

The purpose of the ClubPass is to allow Magnises members to gain entrance to a club of their choice, without being told that they can’t get in for one reason or another. Getting a ClubPass on the Magnises membership is no problem, and it’s paid for on a monthly basis, separate from the $250 annual fee that’s charged for the membership. You will pay a reasonable price for the ClubPass, but you’ll have surety whenever you go to a club and will know that you’re always going to get through the doors as long as you have your Magnises card and your ID.

Goettl Air Conditioning announced a merged with two other HVAC companies, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. The merger expands Goettl by 20 employees and 15 trucks. Las Vegas Air primarily serves residential customers. Paradise Air brings with it a foothold in the condo, townhome and rental markets. Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air bring a sizable portfolio with them that will help increase the company’s market share in Arizona.


Goettl owner Ken Goodrich said that the merger brings together two family-run businesses that should complement one another. Goodrich stated that the company’s mission to provide quality service with integrity would be furthered by the merger and would act as a boon for its customers in the Las Vegas Valley.


Stephen Gamst, of Las Vegas Air, stated the merger with Goettl allowed for synergies and cost savings that benefited Las Vegas Air’s employees. Goodrich and Gamst have a long association. Gamst remembered Goodrich and his father coming into a local parts, while Gamst was shopping with his own father. Gamst said that both men grew up around the family businesses and had HVAC in their DNA.


Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in Arizona in 1939. Goodrich bought the company in 2013 and moved the business to Las Vegas in 2016. Through a series of mergers, Goettl has recorded 500 percent growth since 2015. Goettl also bought The Sunny Plumber to expand their service offering to customers. The new Goettl has been able to expand from residential services to light commercial, including multi-family residences and strip malls.


Goettl Air Conditioning provides professional HVAC services for both residential and commercial customers, offering expertise in heating and cooling systems, air cleaners and humidifiers, and geothermal technology.


Goettl’s Central and Northern Arizona offices and mobile vehicles provide heating and cooling services and geothermal heating and cooling solutions to customers throughout Arizona. They offer in-home evaluations to determine the best heating and cooling systems for each homeowner.

Keith Mann is a committed New Yorker who has plans to serve the city in a new way, and he has ideas that give back as much as possible. This article explains how Keith plans to help the city come together, and he is doing so in two unique ways for investment. He is willing to reach out to both sides of the aisle, and he is investing in kids where possible.

#1: What Does Keith Do For Schools?

Keith has committed quite a lot of time to helping Uncommon Schools raise money, and he has started a scholarship to help kids make their way to college. He is reaching out to children as he knows their education is important, and he wants to see kids dreaming of college. The $5000 award is one that will help a child cut into their college education, and their schools are improving as he ensures they are raising as much money as possible.

#2: Keith Wants To Support The Police

There is a news story about Keith sending lunch to his local precinct. It is a poignant story about the community reaching out to the police, and Keith Mann believes more people should do the same. He wants the city to respect the police and believe they are doing all they can to help. The connection between the people and the police is one that Keith has quite a lot of faith in, and he will continue to promote it as much as possible.

#3: How Does Keith Manage His Businesses?

He is happy to offer quite a lot of information about how he manages his businesses in interviews and articles. The interviews that are given by Keith have meant a lot to young business people in the city, and he continues to offer information that he believes will help companies grow.Keith Mann is one of the scions of New York who gives something back to the community with every new article or piece of information. He wants to ensure everyone in the city knows how to run a business, support their community and work together.


The Goettl Air-Conditioning Company merged, latterly, with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. The merger added twenty employees and over fifteen trucks to their operations. Las Vegas Air provides service, mainly to the residential community, while Paradise Air provides services to the rental home marketplace and to multi-family units.


Ken Goodrich, Owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, optimistically, embraced the merger. Goodrich mentioned that the addition of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air was a good fit, due to their respective Southwest locations. Goodrich further conveyed that Goettl was excited about the integration of the other two companies—stating that the merger—stood to benefit Goettl’s consumers. He stated that with regard to the merger, two second generations of heating and air-conditioning families, joined forces; complementing one another’s strengths. Goodrich added that the merger was relevant to Goettl’s continual objective of providing top-notch service to its customer-base, with the attribute of integrity attached, within the Las Vegas Valley area.


Stephen Gamst is a partner at Las Vegas Air. He mentioned that what drew him to the Goettl team was the fact that he wished to take better care of his personnel and his heating and air-conditioning customers. He said that he felt the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company and Las Vegas Air was a terrific mixture of qualities and unique strengths—and that it just made sense to integrate. He said too that he saw Ken Goodrich, while growing up, at the parts store with his Dad. Stephen intimated that he and Ken were both raised with the same value system. He elaborated, saying that both of them had HVAC in their respective DNAs. He further said that he knew the combination of their combined forces, could prove successful.


The Goettl Air Conditioning Company was established in 1939, in the state of Arizona. Ken Goodrich acquired the company in 2013 and brought the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company to his hometown—that being, Las Vegas—in April of 2016. Goettl, since 2015, has recorded a growth of five-hundred percent—per annum.


The merger between Goettl Air-Conditioning, Las Vegas Air, Paradise Air and The Sunny Plumber has brought about several offerings, according to Goodrich. Prior to the merger, The Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air Service Offerings were limited. The two entities were only able to supply their customers with heating, ventilation and air conditioning services; however, now their customer-base is supplied with quality plumbing services, too. The Goettl Air-Conditioning Company was limited to that of residential customer service. The merger, has proved effective, in this regard, according to Goodrich, in expanding services into the commercial sector, inclusive of strip malls and multi-family style properties.

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Notes Regarding Goettl Air-Conditioning:


Goettl has served as a leader in the way of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning services for decades. The company provides its consumers with the best in HVAC services, within the Southwest portion of the United States. Goettl makes it their commitment to provide its specialized market with the best in reliable air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating services. Historically, the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company began its journey, in 1926, in Mansfield, Ohio. The company was originally established by the Goettl Brothers. The brothers—Adam, John and Bill– moved to Phoenix, AZ, in order to seek new opportunities. The era of the move was during the Great Depression. Accordingly, the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company was born in the Southwest. It continued its evolution by becoming a mass producer of evaporative coolers and manufactured a number of other heating and cooling products. Today, Goettl continues its time-honored service by supplying its customers with the best in service and current technologies.


Goettl is in the position of providing many practical heating and air-conditioning services to its Southwest clientele. It can install and repair a consumer’s home air-conditioning system or heating unit. Too: if a customer requires repair of a heat pump, the service can easily be performed. An A/C repair presents no problem, either. The service offered by Goettl Air Conditioning is almost always on the same day when the customer requests it. The Goettl Company performs repair jobs on holidays and weekends, too. Preventative maintenance plans are offered, as well, in order to assure A/C units and heating systems continue to work properly. It is this commitment of service and reliability that allows Goettl to stand apart from the competition.

Fighting For Justice Reform
Although it didn’t receive as much coverage, George Soros put up a strong fight for justice reform in 2016 at Specifically, Soros made hefty contributions to the campaign funds of attorney generals looking to challenge the currently high numbers of Americans incarcerated. The states where Soros contributed the most where those with the largest prison populations. These states were overwhelmingly located in the southern United States such as Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona. While the success of the left in other areas was more disappointing this year, Soros appears to have done well in this pursuit.

Giving Migrants A Starting Chance
Across the Atlantic Sea migration from the Levant and North Africa into Europe has increased this year. Driven to Europe after wars devastated their countries, these migrants have experienced some difficulties in assimilating into European culture. To aid the migrants in their efforts to assimilate into Europe Soros donated $500 million to the European Union. The money was intended to help create education programs on Biography for the migrants and invest in businesses created by the refugees. Despite these efforts tension between native Europeans and migrants is strong as indicated by the success of Brexit and efforts to create similar movements.

Standing Up To Donald Trump
In America, George Soros bashed heads with fellow billionaire Donald Trump. Offended by Trump’s campaign promise to restrict immigration, Soros contributed heavily to the campaign funds of Hillary Clinton. Others followed Soros and eventually Hillary Clinton had the largest campaign in American history. Despite this funding Clinton was not able to win the 2016 presidential election. She was ultimately defeated by Donald Trump in the electoral college, although she was able to win the popular vote by at least 2 percentage points.

Deciding The Future Of The Left
With the success nativist movements across the West have experienced this year is not ending on a high note for progressives. However, Soros has a plan to help liberals bounce back from this loss. He is turning to the Democracy Alliance, an organization made of powerful progressive donors, to help him in his quest to take back power. With the first meetings of the Democracy Alliance and George Soros taking place shortly after the Donald Trump victory, the majority of discussion is centered around one topic: how to keep Donald Trump for fulfilling his campaign promises. The left has a long road ahead of them, but this isn’t the first time George Soros has faced an uphill battle.

Dr. Walden may have become one of the most talked about plastic surgeons in all of Texas. She is receiving praise for her return, but this was not always the place that she planned to practice plastic surgery. Her decision to return to this area was a result of her desire to have a family.


What Dr. Jennifer Walden did was leave her plastic surgery practice in New York and make the move to Austin when she had twin boys. As a single mother she chose to come back home where she had a support system. She started her plastic surgery practice from the bottom up again, and this allowed her to become one of the hottest plastic surgeons in all of Texas.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been featured in magazines like Austin MD and Texas MD. These are Texas based magazines that have highlighted her accomplishments. She has become one of the most successful surgeons because she has been able to implement some of the newest technology into her practice. She has appeared on local Austin news programs to speak on the technology that is available for various plastic surgery procedures.


Dr. Walden has won awards for co-authoring a textbook on plastic surgery. She has also been named one of the top beauty surgeons in the United States. Her areas of concentration include breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks and rhinoplastcy. She also has the ability to do Botox and derma fillers. Walden has made a great life for herself in Austin, and she has become someone that people respect because she has a long history of doing quality work in this field. There are a large number of people that have seen the results of her work, and this has given her a loyal customer base in Texas that is similar to the one that she had in New York.


There are a lot of plastic surgeons in the state of Texas, but there are few that have the accolades that Dr. Jennifer Walden has received for her work. She has shown that she is an authority in her area.

Read more about Jennifer Walden:

When the fashion world and the technology world meet, there can be some interesting results. This is what many people in both the technology industry and the fashion industry have seen over the past few decades with the combining of technology and fashion into one fashion statement. Making a different look is always a challenge in the fashion industry. However, fashion designers are always trying to find that look that will be the next great look.


Sometimes to find the next great look, fashion designers will try combinations that may not appear at first glance to go together. The blending of technology and fashion maybe one of those combinations that people consider a bold move. For many fashion designers who have used technology as part of a fashion design, the bold term could be looked at as a compliment. Fashion is about taking chances, making a look that is different yet superb. Using technology in fashion is all about taking chances and looking different.


Some of the use of technology over the years in fashion has been considered an interesting look. In many ways, the use of technology has helped the fashion industry. Technology is a huge market that has many technology users. The integration of technology into fashion will be viewed differently by different people but technology users tend to embrace the use of technology in fashion designs. It is interesting to technology users to see technology with fashion.


For the fashion industry, this is good because it increases the reach of the fashion industry. Also, the opposite can be said because the use of technology in fashion brings many technology users over to the fashion industry. Two huge industries that depend on creativity and a different look have worked together to make some good fashion statements.


Chris Burch is a business entrepreneur who has made business success a common practice during his professional career. With several major companies that he has started and managed to great success, Chris Burch is well respected in the business world.


Chris Burch has been able to start companies in various business industries, and he has been able to successfully run the companies. This is exceptional because all business industries are different. Each industry has different challenges that make running a successful company hard. For Chris Burch to have started companies in multiple industries and have success in the various industries, says a great deal about his business talent.


If you are looking for a good lawyer in Brazil, you need to contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – one of the most reputable and reliable litigators in Brazil. He has clients from all walks of life and is recognized around the world due to his courtroom style and negotiation strategy.

When you are trying to hire the best business enterprise litigation law firm, you may start by making a list of company litigation lawyers in your area and checking to make sure they are licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. It is also a great idea to check the experience of the lawyer in the are of law you are dealing with.

Inquire about the costs in advance. Ask whether there will be a charge to assess your case and also first appointment. Most lawyers offer free initial consultation. Many business lawyers and law firms will certainly allow you to pay them on installment basis – so they will provide a payment plan if you are not able to come up with the entire attorney’s and legal fees. Obtain a cost agreement in writing and assess it prior to authorizing.

Reliable lawyers will always provide fee agreement in writing and find ways to simplify the payment process. With a reputable, experienced and dedicated lawyer on your side, you can be confident your case will be handled appropriately.

Ricardo Tosto is a highly reliable litigation lawyer in Brazil. He is highly experienced in business and corporate law and has over 22 years of experience advising and representing organizations of all sizes and industries.

Mr Ricardo Tosto also provides legal services pertaining to day-today activities of companies and professionals. When you deal with Ricardo Tosto, you can rest assured that your lawyer has thorough knowledge of any type of relevant laws and your firm’s history, competitors, industries, market conditions, and all other business influences.

Ricardo Tosto has outstanding negotiation and representation skills. He regularly strives to update his abilities and has the competence to manage any kind of concerns that affect legal aspects of businesses and corporations.

You are looking to buy something, maybe a car. You want to get a great deal, at a great price. If you want to succeed in this way, you have to understand the laws of economics. A lot of buyers competing for a scarce supply drives up the price. If you are repeating the behaviors of the people around you, you are going to suffer from the collective greed of buyers in the marketplace by way of high prices.

Identify the things about your car that you have to have. That might be safe, fuel efficient, and luxurious. After you have done this, identify the common things that most people want in their car, including the variables that you like. This might be cars that are safe, fuel efficient, domestic, luxurious, cheap, new, low maintenance, easy to find, buy on credit, silver or black color. Now that you have the popular variables, recognize that everyone pursuing these characteristics in their cars is driving up the price for cars. Identify the popular variables that you must have in your car. Then make the other variables opposite to find lots of cars that make you happy at low price. An example would be safe, fuel efficient, luxurious, international, expensive, old, high maintenance, hard to find, buy with cash, purple or neon color. You now have the type of car that you hypothetically wanted at a much lower price.

Of course, this is just a silly example, but the point is clear. Copying the behaviors of your competitors in the marketplace makes the market more expensive. The trick is to know that, and not do it. Sacrificing a little of what is popular for a low price level is worth it in the long run. Your portfolio grows immensely. The laws of wise investment hold true for all.

Martin Lustgarten is a skilled investment banker who wants to help you and your organization succeed. Martin recognizes that most people do not find success, because they ignore basic economics. Martin wants to help you and your organization thrive.

You can reach Martin at his Linked In account. Martin Lustgarten looks forward to hearing from you further.

There are certain areas of the world where air conditioning is vital and without it, life can be unbearable at times. For other areas, they really only need it during the summer. When it comes to a place like Chicago right now, I imagine people are doing just fine without air. They need heat, that is for sure, but they are probably getting along just fine without air conditioning this time of the year. For Goettl Air Conditioning, they service the areas of Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson. Those are areas that are warm just about all of the time. That is why it is important to have the phone number of a good repair place and a place that gets the job done right the first time.

When it comes to heat, that is nothing to mess around with and that is nothing to sneeze at, especially for older people and pets. They suffer very badly. That is why the news is always saying to check on older people during the heat when it gets up in the triple digits. With Goettl Air Conditioning, they are the right group of people to do the job and any type of job that a customer needs done.

For some customers, they are focused on a new machine all together. They can do that and they can make sure it is installed properly and there will be no issues to report. They can also do routine maintenance. In many ways, it is like a car in that in needs to be checked up on and looked at from time-to-time. Also, they do repairs for their customers as well. In the case of some machines, it is as simple as it just needs one or two things fixed and it is good to go.

The wonderful thing about Goettl Air Conditioning is they are great to their customers and they are great in the community. Recently, this story came out, where Ken Goodrich gave a veteran the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award, which gives him $1,000 dollars worth of tools. This is vital for someone that has come back home. They can have a tough time finding work and finding out what they want to do when they return. By finishing college and having this award, they are on the right path in their careers. When someone supports Goettl Air Conditioning, they are supporting a company that gives back to the community at every turn.