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Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the most popular plastic surgeons in the Greater San Diego area. He trained at both Harvard and Johns Hopkins. His practice in the La Jolla neighborhood features a plastic surgeon (him), a dermatologist (his wife) and a nurse. There’s an accredited surgery center attached to the office, too.

Dr. Mofid’s practice sees thousands of patients per year. But in addition to standard customer care, Mofid also does research to make plastic surgery safer. Several generations of surgical implants, particularly breast implants, were leaky or otherwise defective. This not only gave plastic surgery a bad reputation, it also took a terrible toll on patients.

Gluteal implants were on their way to developing a similar reputation. People often went too big for their frame. Implants were not well-designed to fit in intramuscular spaces. Many patients were risking complications that Mofid thought were just unnecessary.

Mark Mofid has long been a stickler for safety. His reputation is that of someone who puts patient health before aesthetics. For example, many patients want the largest implants possible. Dr. Mofid will not exceed the limits of what he knows is safe.

Because of dissatisfaction with existing gluteal implants, Dr. Mark Mofid eventually developed his own. While this may seem extreme, he wasn’t content to continue working with an inferior product. The implants he created are easier to position and they look more natural. Doctors, patients and the public at large see it as a big improvement.

Dr. Mark Mofid has long held that doing good work is more important than advertising. In his case, it seems to be true. Mofid admires his workers, even the admin staff. He looks for motivated people who are eager to move on after two to four years. In part because of the way he develops staff, he’s become a respected member of the community in general. Positions in his office are highly sought after.

There are several companies a person can take a look at when it comes to performing research for stocks. Having a capable research company can help an individual make the correct choices when deciding which stock to go with or against. In doing my research I have come across a company called Stansberry Research. Stansberry Research is a American research company that is privately owned and has been in business since 1999. The company is located in Baltimore, Maryland, with other locations in California, Florida and the Pacific Northwest Oregon. Stansberry Research focuses on the research of investment information along with having an information services product line that exist mainly of newsletters that are released monthly and every other month. The newsletters are written by an assortment of financial editors. The editors discuss a range of subjects such as power, natural resource oil and mining company investments, along with biotechnology and healthcare. Information regarding corporate bonds, value, and alternative investing are also showcased. The Stansberry Research has subscribers of its newsletter in over one hundred countries. Another way one can benefit from Stanberry Research is to pay attention to the before-market information on trading opportunities in the currency, world-wide stock market, and commodity markets along with price and news updates on all the major stock markets of the world.

The Stansberry Research analyst and editors offer a wide assortment of financial industry backgrounds. The analyst work for Stansberry Research because they’ve had careers as Equity analysts, accountants, stockbrokers and hedge funds managers. These analysts have worked at some of the biggest firms on Wall Street. Their resumes give them the credibility of knowing what takes place in the market past, present, and future. Stansberry Research analysts regularly have their research information sited in big-time publications such as the Washington Post, Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal. Stansberry Research analysts can also be seen providing their financial opinions on daily financial networks such as CNBC and Fox Business News Network.

So if you are looking for A-plus financial research and information I would definitely recommend looking up the analysts at Stanberry Research I believe a person would greatly benefit financially.



Talos Energy, based in Houston, Texas, was founded shortly over five years ago and has been funded by private equity companies. Since its beginning and even as it expands, its focus continues to be in offshore exploration and drilling in and around the Gulf of Mexico. The year 2017 is a milestone in this company’s short history. In mid May, Talos Energy embarked on a joint venture with Premier Oil of London and Sierra Oil of Mexico to begin offshore drilling and exploration in the Sureste Basin. The site for this is off the state of Tabasco, in the Zama-1 well, which is believed to hold up to 500 million barrels of crude. In 2015 Mexico accepted bids from foreign energy companies and granted rights to this partnership for $16 million paid by Premier.


This too was the beginning of Mexico deregulating its oil market and allowing foreign competition entrance for the first time in nearly eight decades. Accordingly, Talos Energy is the sole operator of the well but has a 35 percent investment, Sierra a 40 percent investment and Premier a 25 percent investment. Industry analysts are expected to watch the impact this deregulation of oil will have on the Mexican market.


The second major news for Talos Energy occurred when in November, it announced it had purchased, and thus, was merging with Stone Energy of Lafayette, LA, for $2 billion. The company had filed bankruptcy status in the recent past, in part due to the oil bust. Talos Energy had delayed its plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, but with the merger between itself and Stone Energy, going public could occur perhaps by summer 2018. The company will trade under the “Talos stock ticker.” As to dispensation of shares, it is anticipated that 63 percent will be owned by Talos Energy and 37 percent by Stone Energy. The company will retain offices in New Orleans, Houston and Lafayette.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina has established his name as a successful doctor and entrepreneur. Dr. Shafik has been working in the medical field for a long time which has enabled him to gain extensive experience on the same. Shafik has managed to establish connections with notable people in the healthcare industry. Mr. Shafik is considered as one of the top dentists. Dr. Sachedina’s working principles are based on his strong religious beliefs as well as his character.

Dr. Shafik is a competent dental surgeon who has successfully treated thousands of patients. Sachedina graduated in 1975 from the University of London. Shafik currently serves at Sussex Health Care Company as a chairman. The company offers service and homes to the residents of South England. Surprisingly, Shafik was born in an East Africa, Tanzania. With time, Sachedina moved to the UK where he became a citizen. Sachedina held numerous executive positions in England which greatly helped increase his work experience.

While still working in the United Kingdom, Shafik developed a special interest in improving healthcare services. Shafik has played significant roles to help communities at Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions as head of the department. Additionally, Sachedina has worked in notable firms such as Aiglemont and Aga Khan Development Network others. Shafik Sachedina has volunteered to work in several organizations. For two terms, Shafik served at the Ismaili Council of UK as the president.

Sachedina is the founder of Sussex Healthcare which brings various resources together. Sussex Healthcare offers excellent housing solutions. The company assists individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease among other illnesses. Sussex Healthcare offers medical assistance to people suffering from mental disorders.

Sussex Healthcare is known to offer employment opportunities to highly competent, trustworthy, and experienced people who can significantly contribute the company’s mission of improving the lives of people. According to, Sussex Healthcare is different from other firms because it rehabilitates and provides homes to old people. The activities that take place in the company are aimed at ensuring the comfort of all members. Most importantly, Sussex ensures that the firm remains appealing to members throughout. For example, Sussex Healthcare preserves people’s privacy, has cozy rooms, beautiful interior decorations, and a fantastic garden.

Before establishing Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina had gained extensive experience in matters dealing with the healthcare industry. Shafik pursued his academic goals at a well-recognized institution in Canada, University of the King’s College. Upon completion of his studies, Sachedina applied his knowledge to help the people of Sussex.

The largest prison technology company in North America released some exciting news in recent weeks. Securus Technologies of Dallas, a holding company with over 20 subsidiaries that provide technology-based solutions to law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities, completed an 18-month trial of its drone detection technology. The trial was an intensive testing period that wrapped up in early March of 2018. The technology is similar to the company’s cellular device detection that uses digital antennae structures, or DAS, to triangulate contraband cellular devices inside of prisons. Due to the increased security concerns of prison officials who have seen an increase in drone activity bring contraband into their facilities, the technology has been in the works for a number of years.


Securus also announced in late February 2018 that the company was the recipient of three Stevie awards at the 11th Annual Stevie Awards banquet held in Las Vegas at the historic Caesars Palace. They won the Gold Stevie Award for the Team Customer Service Complaints category. Two individuals won Stevie awards for their work in customer service, both a silver and a bronze. The company operates a U.S.-based customer service call center in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies was formed in 1986 and provides a host of services that are technology-based to over 1 million inmates and 3,500 government agencies in North America. These agencies include local and state municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and corrections facilities.


E-Cigarettes are a huge craze in the U.S. right now. With cigarette prices increasing and a small selection of flavors, people are starting to make the switch to an alternative form of smoking. E-Cigarettes have some features that win consumers over. With a vast array of flavors and a smoother drag, E-Cigarettes are starting to take over the market.

With variables in the amount of nicotine they contain, E-Cigarettes are a more customizable form of smoking. It’s a completely customizable smoking experience. Whether you are a seasoned smoker or an occasional smoker there are nicotine levels to fit your smoking experience.

Flavors are another huge selling point. Do you want to taste tobacco when you smoke? Great, there are thousands of tobacco flavored options. Or maybe you want to taste Skittles? No problem. With over one hundred thousand flavors E-Cigarettes have a flavor for every taste pallet. With that in mind, did you know that there is a bacon-flavored vapor? Even nachos, hamburgers, and Red Bull make the list of vapor flavors.

There are hundreds of companies that have popped up in the E-Cigarette craze. O2Pur is one of the most recognizable. The Utah-based company is one of many that have popped up recently and is also one of the most reliable. O2Pur has tons of different products, lots of flavors, and a great price point. This seems like it would be standard among E-Cigarette companies, but with so many startups and newer companies, this is actually becoming a bit of a rarity in the E-Cigarette company.

O2Pur may be new to the game, but they are certainly turning some heads. With an active twitter account and tons of social media giveaways, the Utah-based E-Cigarette company is building a solid user base for its newer brand. Make sure to give O2Pur a look when you are shopping around for E-Cigarette companies, they may be new, but they are certainly cheap and reliable.

Nick Vertucci believes that everyone can become wealthy. By following his tried and true program offered through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, it is possible to gain the necessary knowledge needed in order to pursue a lucrative career in the real estate market.

The Academy was founded in 2013 has only grown in popularity and success. The NVREA system is very structured and through and covers all the important topics such as asset protection, leveraging your 401K and IRA into fund investments, commercial investments, and wholesaling and flipping contracts. It also covers rehabbing and flipping properties, and buying and holding properties for cash flow over a long period of time.

Nick Vertucci has not always been known as the well-known and successful man that he is today. He has had numerous and difficult struggles in order to rise to the top. He lost his father early on, lived out of his van at the age of 18 and even lost all of his wealth with the crash of the dot com crash of 2000. He struggled with virtually no income and debt and lost nearly everything he owned.

When a friend of his first introduced him to a real estate training seminar, he was fairly reluctant to go initially, but since he really had nothing to lose, he attended. That was a vital turning point in his life, and he learned enough to get him going again. He drew on his new found inspiration and went on to create a system that most people can follow that covers what is important to work in the real estate market.

Nick Vertucci offers a free workshop that is ideal for anyone even if they do not have experience in the real estate market. It is also perfect for anyone who has little or no formal training and cash reserves are not necessary to get started. There are countless success stories by students who have attended NVREA and people are taking control of their lives. Nick Vertucci wants to give power back to people so they can live on their own terms.

Market America is a great money making opportunity not just for workers, but also for shoppers. People do not have to become unfranchise owners in order to make any type of money from Market America. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons that this company is one of the most popular sellers. People get more than products that they buy. They also get a chance to make the money they spend back with the cashback shopping program. Therefore, customers have more of a reason to shop from this company and any of the brands they are partnered with.

One thing that can attract shoppers is a company that is seeking to give shopper something. This is one of the main things that make a company successful. When business owners are looking for ways to make money, they often fail at it. It is when they are looking for ways to award their customers that they start profiting. One of the things this encourages them to do is find products or promotions that can encourage customers to shop with them. Market America has thought about what customers would want and have made sure that they get that.

People who want to sign up to be unfranchise owners can learn how to bring forth something that is going to get the attention of the customers. One thing that can help them is if they provide content that is helpful to the customers. For instance, the online marketers can provide blog posts that go into the topics that they are marketing. This is one example of how to earn money with Market America. Another thing that can be done is engage in social media. People can even do a combination of that so that they can bring in a large number of customers.

The Oxford Club is one of the most prestigious investing clubs in the world. The Oxford Club is comprised of wealthy members from various industries. Most of the Oxford Club members own their own business. Some of the members inherited their wealth.


In the coming years, the Oxford Club wants to invest in new asset classes. Some of the members want to invest in developing nations. Although developing countries have more financial risks than developed nations, they offer higher financial returns. Many countries in Africa and South America are tempting to consider.





Over the past decade, the best sector to invest in has been technology. Technology is a driving force of change for people around the world. More people than ever before can utilize fundamental technology. The internet is making information available to people all over the world.


Some members of the Oxford Club believe that the club should continue to invest money into new technology companies.



Real Estate


Many members of the Oxford Club own real estate. Real estate is an excellent way for investors to generate monthly income. Some members of the Oxford Club own vast real estate empires.


There are diverse places around the world where the real estate market is developing. In places like Brazil, the real estate market is rapidly increasing in value. The Oxford Club plans to invest in raw land in various nations. Over time, the property will be developed and sold for a massive profit.





The Oxford Club also owns some land where natural resources are available. The most common resource is oil. The Oxford Club has made a ton of money recently by selling land that has oil available on it. With the rapid population growth around the world, natural resources will become even more valuable.

If your home is located in the state of Illinois or southern Wisconsin and is in need of repair whether from normal wear and tear or natural calamities or if your home is in need of upgrades, Aloha Construction, Inc. is available for your exterior needs from roofing to gutters to siding and window replacement. Their roofing services include a nine step inspection process that identifies all the issues that may need to be dealt with in the process of repairing your roof and they offer up to a ten year craftsmanship warranty.

Aloha Construction can advise and provide your home with the proper gutter system using gutter guards, miters and elbows appropriate for your circumstances to prevent water issues around the exterior of your home.

Aloha can install, repair or replace any and all of your siding. if you’re in need of repairs from storm damage or just to improve the appearance of your home, they can work with any material from fiber cement to wood to face brick and Stucco as well as others.

The company also repairs or replaces windows, whether wood or vinyl and does screen repair.

Aloha Construction is a family-owned and operated business that has grown through its professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness throughout all levels of the company, from the office staff to sales and the service team. The current President and CEO of Aloha Construction is Dave Farbaky and his leadership has meant the company is known for its excellence and safety.

If your home has suffered wind and hail damage or your home requires a roof inspection and/or repair, Aloha Construction can provide those services professionally and in a timely manner as well as at a competitive rate.

Dave Farbaky lives in Zurich, Illinois and has established a foundation, The Dave Farbaky Foundation, in order to give back to the community and has assisted in charitable endeavors such as a shopping spree for underprivileged children.…/prweb14244544.htm